Sustainability thrives on employee engagement- how do you create and maintain it?



Is your business inspiring  responsible innovation for your stakeholders? 



Are your profits sustainable? 

Identifying the shift in investment strategies.



The benefit of an inclusive culture, with clearly defined values and a robust purpose.  


Every bottom line needs an action plan. Our job is to explore, design, deliver and measure the one that works for your business. 

Angela Hobbs Wilkinson Hall Founder & CEO

 90% of executives think sustainability is important, but only 60% have a sustainability strategy 

Sustainability builds brand value increases efficiency, attracts talent & creates new opportunities

Making the connection between climate and equity. How does your business communicate this issue? 

Our Work 

Some of the things we do for some of our clients. 


We develop initiatives, to inspire and equip organisations and the people within them to address the gaps and moving from  knowing and doing

Training Programmes 

We design and facilitate  inclusive engagement programmes.

Identifying skills, recognising knowledge gaps and starting conversations  


Designed for the curious, the challengers and people who want to learn and explore.

We apply innovative toolkits to generate solutions, always focusing on engagement


Benefits of a sustainable innovation business strategy

We design and build employee engagement programs,  working with businesses to drive sustainable innovation, aligning strategies with measurable actions.

We help you to define your focus, create your ESG's and identify the SDG's that work for your business. 

Working alongside you to navigate challenges and future proof your business.Everything we do is built on solid foundations of inclusion and continuous improvement.